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WIP Update

I now have a studio!  It's not real exciting LOOKing, but just to have a big closet to store frames and substrate supplies in - and to be able to hook my computer up to the printer - and not carry it over every time I need to print something....I'm in a happy place!

Here's an update on my Neuschwanstein castle painting.  As luck would have it, Yahoo recently posted a photo of the same castle on its news feed, declaring it to be the most beautiful castle in the world.  And here, I was just picking it from the photos Cliff brought back from his trip to Germany.  This piece is just 11"x14", and it's on art board, which has a pretty deep tooth.  So I don't have an EXACT duplicate of what the castle looks like in real life.  There are places where I just couldn't fit every detail.  I want to finish this piece by Sat., because Cliff's friend, the one who lives in Germany and hosted his visit in Oct., is coming to visit us.  I'd love to be able to show it to him....Wish me luck!

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